Preparation time: 45 min
Difficulty level: easy

750 g beef sirloin in a piece or roast beef
1 tablespoon of rapeseed oil
2 cloves of garlic
6 mini burger buns
1 ripe avocado
lime juice
60 g of bacon in thin slices
40 g of spinach leaves
2 jalapeno peppers
1 chili pepper
20 g of bean sprouts
20 g of red cabbage sprouts
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
2 tablespoons of oil
sea salt
black pepper, freshly ground


Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Clean the meat (at room temperature), dry and rub with pepper and garlic squeezed through the press. Tie the meat with a baking string.

Heat the rapeseed oil in the pan and fry the meat on both sides – after 4 minutes. from each. Put the meat into a heat-resistant dish and bake for about 15 minutes. Remove in the oven, wrap with aluminum foil and leave for 10 minutes. After this time, unwrap, season with salt and cut into slices.

Cut the avocado, remove the pips, hollow the pulp. Fry the pulp with a fork, add lime juice to taste and salt. Wash and dry spinach leaves. Bacon slices fry in a pan on both sides to golden color.

Jalapeno peppers cut into rings. Wash the chili, remove the stalk and seeds and finely chop. Chopped chili peppers with olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

Roll the buns and grill in golden color. Place the spinach leaves, slices of beef and pour the chilli dressing on the underside, then place jalapeno peppers, avocado paste, bacon slices and sprouts. Cover the other part of rolls and serve.

It tastes perfectly with the cherry wine of Winiarnia Zamojska

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